• Dress Code

    • Business casual is always preferred. Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt in all areas of the club.

      Dress code applies to all club users, including children. It is the Member's responsibility to inform all guests of the dress code prior to arrival. Members and guests who do not meet the club's dress code will be turned away if dressed inappropriately.


      360 Member Dining Room

      For gentlemen, dress suits, dress shirts with dress slacks, jackets and ties are recommended but not required. Knit or casual shirts with collars. Shirts must be tucked in. Collared Hawaiian type shirt untucked if designed as such.

      No shorts or flip-flops. No ball caps. Appropriate denim is acceptable. Appropriate denim is defined as not faded or bleached, baggy, dirty, torn or tattered. Denim with writing, slogans of any kind or excessive embellishments is not permitted.

      For ladies, pants suit or business suits, dresses, skirts, and casual slacks are acceptable.


      Sky Bar & Grill

      For gentlemen, appropriate denim or Bermuda shorts are acceptable, though slacks are always preferred. Appropriate sandals are accepted at a minimum but close-toed shoes are always preferred.


      Unacceptable Attire in the Club at All Times

      • Logo or artwork t-shirts. High-end, solid color, collarless shirts are acceptable.
      • Athletic Wear (Jogging Suits, Sweat Suits)
      • Tank Tops, Tank-style Undershirts
      • Bare Midriffs
      • Clothing with holes
      • Cargo shorts/pants
      • Torn clothing

      Exceptions are always at the discretion of the management.