• GM & Treasurer’s Message


      Ed Taylor

    • Greetings to all of our members! It seems like its been a while since I wrote an article for the newsletter and it has. What a busy holiday season we had from November - January. It seems as though we had events going on every Friday and Saturday during those months and we saw the transition of some of our companies that booked in December have moved their party to January. That kept our staff busy which is great!

      And now we are onto the month of February and we are gearing up for another successful Valentine's Day. I think that this will be a special one since Valentine's Day is on a Friday and our members and guests can relax and enjoy the meal without the rush to leave and be ready for work the next day. I would encourage you to make your reservation early to insure that your reservation time is what you want. It gets crazy closer to the holiday and I would not want you to miss out.

      Another event is our theme nights. Chef Mike takes great pride in planning a theme night that you all may like and enjoy. There is a change to our normal theme night on February 25. This theme night will be more geared toward cajun to celebrate Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. We know one Wednesday, you may choose to go to church for Ash Wednesday and we didn't want you to miss out on a great theme night. Thus, the move to Tuesday!

      Finally, in Q3 2019, we introduced the food and beverage minimum and what is great is that we have seen a lot of our members come in and enjoy lunch, happy hour, or dinner. One of the issues that we made a mistake on was the inclusion of sales tax of 8.25%. This was a mistake on our part and on your March statement if you paid a food and beverage minimum (full or pro-rated), you will be receiving a credit for both quarters. Our apologies for this added fee. Our consultant built this program for us and we trusted his judgment in the roll-out. Again, you will see the sales tax (full or prorated) credit on your March statement.

      Thanks again everyone for your support and attendance to your club. We are working on planning some great activities for you to enjoy. You know that we have great food, view and service. I will look forward to seeing you at the club!

      Ed Taylor
      GM & Treasurer